Water Feature Options for the Backyard

You don't need a lot of space to have a water feature.
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The soothing sound of falling water turns any backyard into a refreshing, relaxing oasis. You don't need a natural water source or even a lot of land to add a water feature to your yard. Get inspired with these ideas of creative water features for the backyard. 

Container pond garden - A container pond garden is perfect for even the smallest of yards, and can easily be completed with a simple trip to the nursery. For this project, you'll need a large pot without a hole on the bottom, aquatic plants, and fresh water. Simply place plants (still in their containers) in a large pot, add fresh water, and leave your new garden alone. Top off water as needed. 

Fish pond - If you have more space, a fish pond can be a fun backyard project. You can still tackle this yourself using a DIY backyard pond kit, although it can take a few days to dig and line the pond. To hurry this up, hire a landscaping company who can design a custom backyard fish pond for you. These ponds do require more maintenance than some of the other water features, so be sure you're prepared to take this on. 

Fountain - A classic water feature that adds low-key charm, a water fountain can be an easy installation that increases the curb appeal of your space and ups its relaxation factor. With its gentle gurgle, this will also drown out neighborhood noise.

Water wall - A statement piece that can divide your yard into zones, deliver a visual impact, and add an artistic element to your yard, a water wall is a fun project to install in the backyard. There are many different designs that allow you to adapt this water feature to the style of your home. 

Reflecting pool - If you have the space for it, a reflecting pool can be the perfect peaceful addition to your garden. These pools do require maintenance to prevent algae from growing, so they may not be right for everyone. 

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Creek/stream - With nothing more than a recirculating water pump, river rocks, concrete, PVC pipe, and gravel, you can add your very own backyard creek or stream. Water flows from one end of the stream down to the other, where it gathers in a retaining pool, is pumped back to the top, and falls again. 

Any backyard water feature will require some amount of maintenance to keep the water free of algae and pests. However, this is small when compared to the peace and joy these features can bring you! 

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