Hallways - The Forgotten Room

Hallways are often a forgotten room or space when it comes to decorating your home. They are, however, a space that can have a major impact on your homes aesthetics. It's also a great opportunity to try something a little bolder or different than what you are used to as they tend to be smaller spaces and not always seen from main areas of the home. Here are some of my favorite hallway decor ideas.

Stripes and a casual spot to sit.

Use the small space to make a big impact with bold colors and patterns.

Add storage with bookshelves.

This little hall is full of options - cabinetry, bookcases, wallpaper, a beautiful runner and some gorgeous lighting.

Create texture with wallpaper and add some color by painting the hallway side of your doors a bright color.

Stripes, wainscoting and a gallery wall make this hall stand out.

Display a collection - such as these antlers.

Gallery walls along both sides and over sized lighting personalize this space.

Dark walls and bright accents.

Subtle walls with a beautiful vintage runner.

Any great hallways you would like to share? Any ideas I missed here?!

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