Maintenance Tips for Gas Grills

Perform routine maintenance and regular cleaning to improve grill performance and pro-long the life. Always keep your instruction manual and warranty. Refer to the manual for replacement parts and maintenance. *Before starting Make Sure Gas is OFF before any cleaning or maintenance.

Flame Tamers
Remove and inspect the flame tamers. These parts cover the burners. Simply brush off any build-up and debris with a wire brush. Do not apply any oil on flame tamers after cleaning.

While the flame tamers are removed, inspect the burners for any clogs that can cause uneven cooking and early burner failure (Turn on the gas grill for this visual inspection). If the burners require cleaning, turn off the gas and allow the burners to cool. Lightly scrub the burners with a dry wire brush to remove any build up of food and grease to the port area (where the gas comes out). Note: If your burners are ceramic they will be a little more delicate, instead turn on burners for about 15 minutes to burn off excess grease and food.

The Grates
Clean the cooking grates regularly with a dry wire brush to prevent food and bacteria buildup. Periodically remove the grates and clean with soap and water, then re-apply a fresh coating of cooking/ vegetable oil to help pro-long the life of the grates.

Gas lines from the tank
Before starting the gas grill, perform a visual inspection of the fuel line for cracks. It is a good idea to perform a monthly inspection of the fuel line by applying soapy water along the connections. Turn on the gas, if bubbles form when the gas is running, tighten your connections or replace the line.

Cleaning the exterior of the grill
Simple soap and water will be sufficient in cleaning most grills, but refer to your owners manual for any special surfaces and coatings. Giving the grill a thorough cleaning twice a year will help extend the life of your grill.

Other quick grill care tips:
  • Consider placing a grill mat underneath to catch food and grease that will otherwise end up causing damage to your patio or deck.
  • Never place a grill in a garage, breezeway, carport or near any flammable surface and keep your grill at least 10 feet from the house.
  • Always store propane tanks upright in a secure position and never store them in your car.
  • Always pay particular attention to the surroundings and keep kids and pets away from a hot grill. 
  • Always light a gas grill with the lid open.

Happy grilling!

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