Quick Tips for Choosing the Right Landscape Lighting

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Here are some basic landscape lighting types and features to consider to make the most of your outdoor lighting.

Types of Landscape Lighting 

1. Safety & Security Lighting - Illuminate uneven walkways, stairwells or just add a little extra light for security reasons. In many cases security lighting can also enhance the look of your landscaping.

2. Aesthetic Lighting – used to illuminate common areas such as gardens, decks, porches and key areas of the home and yard for accent lighting, as well as security.

Check the UL Rating

UL rating informs you where a particular light fixture can be used.

1. UL Dry - indoor use only, no exposure to moisture or water

2. UL Damp – primarily used for porches or under overhangs; used primarily where the fixture is protected from direct contact with moisture and water

3. UL Wet – able to withstand dense fog, rain, and snow

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Types of Lighting to Consider

1. Solar Landscape Lighting
  • No wiring necessary
  • Easy and fast install
  • Save time, money and energy
2. Low Voltage Landscape Lighting
  • Transformer and wiring required
  • Requires more planning
  • Great for complex lighting for an aesthetic look
3. LED Landscape Lighting 
  • LED Pros 
    • Different Color Options – warm white, pure white & cool white
    • Last longer and saves money over time
  • LED Cons
    • Lens discoloration can happen over time
    • Can be more expensive, but are becoming more affordable

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