Safe Trick or Treating Tips

Keep your kids safe while trick or treating this Halloween.

If you ask your children what their favorite holiday is, many of them might say Halloween. From the elaborate costumes to the free candy, Halloween is very exciting. Yet as you know, costumes, candy, and holiday tricksters can add an element of danger to this otherwise celebratory night. Learn how to trick or treat safely with children of any age. 

Keep children well-lit and warm - As darkness falls early, it can be difficult for drivers to see small children crossing the street. Keep your kids well-lit by adding reflective tape to costumes, giving your children a headlamp or a flashlight, and sticking to streets that have lights. If the night is chilly, make sure your children wear a jacket. 

Choose safe costumes - A child's Halloween costume should always be flame retardant for safety. Even if you choose a safe costume, make sure that wigs do not limit your child's visibility. A child who cannot see well may trip and fall or wander in front of an oncoming car. For this same reason, masks are not recommended for children. 

Choose safe costumes and accessories.
Keep accessories safe - Halloween costume accessories seem to get more elaborate every year. But did you know that some Halloween accessories, including makeup and decorative contacts, may not be safe for kids to wear? Never use contacts in a Halloween costume unless they are prescription contacts; make sure that makeup has been tested by the FDA and always test it by first applying a small amount of makeup to the back of your child's hand. Make sure to wash off makeup before your child goes to bed. Keep costumes safe by avoiding choking hazards for small kids and limiting the use of sharp objects as props. 

Go with them - To protect children and give yourself peace of mind, consider accompanying young children while trick or treating. If you have teens and young children, you may ask your teen to take the child trick or treating. If you let kids go unsupervised, give them a cell phone so they can contact you in case something happens, and let them know when you expect them home. 

Inspect treats - Ask to see your child's treat bag. Review its contents for any treats that look suspicious, such as candies that are homemade or coming out of their wrapper. If your child has food allergies, discard any treats that contain known allergens. Lastly, consider limiting the amount of candy your child consumes so he or she does not binge on chocolates. 

With these tips, your children can stay safe and still enjoy all the merriment of the holiday. For more home and family tips please visit

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