Home Tip Tuesday: How to Get Your Fireplace Ready for Winter Use

Fireplace maintenance is essential for safety and to ensure it will work properly all season.

Ah, winter. There's nothing cozier than sitting around the fireplace with your family while it is cold outside. Yet if you skimp on fireplace maintenance, your fireplace might not work in the time of year when you need it most. Learn quick ways to make sure your gas or wood-burning fireplace is ready for the demands of the season. 

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Gas Fireplace Maintenance
Your gas fireplace vents out the chimney, so you must have your chimney vents checked and cleaned on an annual basis. If you skimp on this maintenance, then your fireplace could corrode - and you may not notice it until it is too late. Start by scheduling a visit from a chimney sweep, who can clean the chimney vents and keep you apprised of any additional maintenance needs. 

Once you have taken care of the vents, you will need to make sure your gas chimney is geared up for the season. All gas fireplace manufacturers recommend yearly servicing. 

An inspector can clean and service the gas fireplace unit. They can remove dust, dirt, debris, cobwebs, and more so the entire inside of the fireplace is clean. They can also clean the gas burner ports so the burners operate efficiently. This way, your fireplace starts up when you need it to. 

With these two quick appointments, your gas burning fireplace will be ready to go and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your fireplace is safe to use all season. 

As you use the gas burning fireplace, be alert to any changes that could indicate a problem, then schedule service promptly. 

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Wood Burning Fireplace Maintenance
If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you need to have the chimney checked out, swept, and maintained for the same reasons as you would a gas burning fireplace. 

It is also important to clean out the hearth, since accumulated ashes can help the fireplace operate more efficiently and reduce the likelihood of tracking ashes all over the house. Make it a habit to sweep out ashes when they have cooled. For an even faster way to clean the fireplace, invest in a special ash vacuum. You cannot use your regular vacuum for ash. 

Once a week during winter (or once a month if you only use the fireplace occasionally), clean the fireplace insert so you can remove soot and smoke.

Finally, make any needed repairs to the system that the chimney professional recommends. By making repairs when they're recommended, you will be able to keep the entire chimney unit in good working order, saving yourself money and ensuring you can always enjoy a good fire. 

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