Home Tip Tuesday: Snow Removal Tips

Winter is here!  Unfortunately, along with the beauty of a winter wonderland comes the laborious task of snow removal.  It's a tough and time consuming job.  We've put together a list of supplies and tips to help keep you safe while you deal with the burden of keeping your driveway and walkways clear this winter.

Tools and Supplies

  • Snow blower (a great investment!) and gas
  • An ergonomically correct snow shovel
  • Wax or cooking spray for shovel so snow doesn't stick
  • Stakes to designate and protect landscaping
  • Salt and/or sand to de-ice walkways
  • Brushes and ice scrapers for car


  • Shovel early and in stages as opposed to all at once
  • Push the snow as much as possible and lift with your knees
  • Be aware of your surroundings especially when shoveling near the road
  • Dress appropriately in light layers, hat, gloves and footwear that grips
  • Take breaks often, stay hydrated and stretch during heavy snowfalls
  • Have your cell phone with you in case of an emergency

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