Home Tip Tuesday: 2016 Home Color Trends

Ombre painted wall.
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If you're old enough to remember the popularity of burnt orange and lime green in the 70s or teal and pink in the 80s you understand the concept of a color trend. And if you don't remember those wild combinations, maybe the spicy hues of traditional Mediterranean décor from early in this millennium will ring a bell. Color trends influence more than the literal color of our interiors, they can also influence the style of décor and even style of architecture that defines an era. The 2016 home color trends lean towards fresh, neutral colors that won't become dated before the paint dries. But don't worry you lovers of bold color, 2016 hasn't forgotten about you.

Expect to see more shades of white than you knew existed popping up in home interiors everywhere this year. As the ultimate neutral, white is a versatile color, lending itself to looks that are clean, contemporary, shabby, stately, minimalist and traditional. But don't think just any tone of white will do. This year will feature warm whites like ivory and cream and the palest shades of lemony or silvery whites. Pull off this trend like a pro by using several different shades of white in one room to create subtle variety that changes as the light in the room fades through the day.

Warm whites will be big this year.
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Updated Luxury
The new colors defining "luxe" in 2016 may surprise you. Say goodbye to peacock blues or faux finishes if your goal is a room that looks rich. Light and medium tones of gray mixed with pops of juicy color such as coral, citron and blueberry are giving luxury a fresh new face. An overall neutral palette comes to life when bright and dark colors are used for contrast. Luxury in the modern age should exude confidence-who else would put gray and coral in the same room but someone with confidence-and use color to tell a story.

Color Morphing
Furnishings and accessories with rounder, softer edges are rolling into home décor this year. To complement the organic look, natural colors that blend or "morph" into one another for an ombre effect are what's on trend. For example, grassy greens might fade into sky blues to make a focal wall pop. To play with this trend successfully, surround morphed colors with neutrals that are easy on the eye and allow your colorful effects to draw everyone's attention.

Some past color trends relied on sharp contrasts in color or eye-popping special effects. In 2016, look for neutrals to play a major roll in creating variety on their own or bringing harmony to palettes where bold color is featured. 

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