Home Tip Tuesday: Kitchen Trends for 2016

Metal range hoods and other accents are big in 2016.
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The kitchen is supposed to be the heart of the home, but if yours is looking more like some other part of the anatomy, it may be time for an update. Kitchen trends for 2016 are easy to incorporate into your current design and won't necessarily require a complete redo. Of course, if a top-to-bottom overhaul is in store, this year's upcoming trends will give you plenty of inspiration to get the job done.

Go Metal
Stainless steel appliances are almost always on trend for that high-end look, but in 2016, touches of metal are showing up in some surprising places. Bring your current design into the present with the addition of metal stools, metal cabinet pulls, light fixtures with a metallic finish and a metal range hood. But do take note that super shiny or modern-looking chrome isn't what's hot. Painted and brushed or satin-finished metal accessories are what's on trend.

Texture and a well lit kitchen are important.
White and Warm
White is the color of the year for interiors in 2016. Painting your kitchen in shades of warm white such as ivory, bone, the palest shades of silver-white or white with just a kiss of yellow can instantly update your style, but stay away from blue-tinted whites which tend to look crisper and colder. The overall look should feel soft and comfortable. 

Texture is the New Color
With all that white paint, texture is the key to creating interest in your kitchen. Unlike years past when trendy decor relied on contrast, this year's texture-on-texture trend is more subtle. In keeping with the preference for satin-finished metals and soft color, rock this texture craze by using the same material in several different ways. For example, the same stone could be used for oversized floor tiles, as a solid countertop and as subway tiles for a backsplash. Each application creates a slightly different texture without allowing any one element to steal the show.

A simple update in your kitchen's lighting might be enough to bring it into 2016. LED lights are showing up above, under and inside cabinets, in range hoods and in recessed ceiling lights. A bright, well-lit kitchen is the goal.

Add color with appliances.

That Pop of Color
Okay, shades of white and soft finishes are in, but a kitchen without any color might put the cook to sleep. Instead of colorful walls or brightly patterned fabrics, appliances are providing that all-important pop of color in this year's kitchens. From turquoise toasters to citrus-hued stoves, expect to see major and minor appliances in a rainbow of colors. If the idea of living with a lemon-yellow refrigerator makes you feel green around the gills, invest in a few colorful countertop appliances and keep them on display. 

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