Home Tip Tuesday: 5 Top Kitchen Trends for 2017

Classic White Kitchen
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Kitchen renovations have scaled back since the remodeling boom at the turn of the century, but functional and beautiful kitchens will always be a smart investment. 2017 brings some interesting trends that can add value to a new kitchen now and style for years to come.

White on White
Texture and interesting finishes keep an all-white kitchen from being boring. When done right, a crisp clean white kitchen will look fresh and exciting long after other color trends come and go. White is well known for making a small dark room look larger and brighter so this trend is perfect if your kitchen isn’t quite as grand as you’d like it to be. But even if size or sunlight isn’t a problem, consider an all white kitchen if you prize textures and lines over color.

Silver and Gold
Mixing metal colors creates an organic look in the kitchen, making the décor look more casually collected than designed. Stainless appliances, bronze light fixtures and black drawer pulls all in the same room may not be your thing, but one advantage to this mix-and-match trend is the freedom to choose pieces that you love without being stuck in one style.

Mixed Metal Kitchen Design
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Black Beauty
Stainless steel is a classic that with always be in, but this year traditional stainless takes second place to black stainless and hidden appliances that look like cabinetry. Black stainless provides all the durability and easy maintenance of silver tones, but with a sleek modern twist. Hidden appliances camouflage seamlessly with other cabinets to create a traditional, homey kitchen. These “invisible” cabinets have been around for a while but are on trend for 2017.

Black Stainless Appliances
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Formal Wear
Anyone who watches cooking shows or peruses home décor magazines has seen the black and white kitchen trend, but they may not have known that it’s actually called a “tuxedo kitchen.” Blocks of black and white mark this elegant style which pleases traditionalists and trend setters alike. Typically a tuxedo kitchen sports solid black or white lower cabinets with contrasting counter tops and upper cabinets.  Black lowers with a white counter, white back splash and white upper cabinets are typical.

Tuxedo Kitchen
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Talk to Me
The popularity of Amazon Alexa (ECHO) this past holiday season is all the hint you need to guess that voice-controlled appliances would take the lead in 2017 kitchen trends. Controlled through ECHO, GE WIFI Connect Appliances do everything from preheating the oven to scheduling hot water from the refrigerator at the exact right time for your morning cup of coffee.  Watch for other appliance manufacturers to partner with Google Home soon.

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