Home Tip Tuesday: Tips on Green Living this Summer

 Serve iced tea, infused water, or lemonade in reusable cups to lower waste. 

If you've been thinking of taking steps to lower your environmental impact, summer is the perfect time to go green. Follow these tips to green your family's routine this summer. 

Green Your BBQ 
Summer is cookout season. Make your BBQ eco-friendly by using a propane grill rather than charcoal, which is a dirtier fuel. 

Green your barbecues by switching from plastic or Styrofoam plates to compostable or disposable plates. Recycle your beverage containers, or serve iced tea, infused water, or lemonade in reusable cups to lower waste. 

Celebrate Natural Light
Reduce your electric bills and save the environment by celebrating natural light. With the longer day length, you can see by natural light well into the evening. The less electricity you use, the lower your environmental impact. 

Watch Your AC Usage
Heat waves cause electricity spikes when homeowners crank up the air conditioner. The more you rely on AC to stay cool, the more energy you use and the more money you pay. Any time you can turn up the thermostat a couple degrees or open the windows to generate a cooling breeze at night, you will save money and the environment. 

Air Dry Clothing
Rely on solar heat to dry laundry during the summer instead of throwing your clothes in the dryer. Your clothing will smell fresh and clean with no need for chemical-laden dryer sheets. You'll consume less electricity as well. 

Eat local so fewer resources are used to bring the food to you.

Eat Local 
Eat local during the growing season. Shop at farmer's markets, grow your own food, or join a CSA (community-supported agriculture) to eat local this summer. By eating local rather than buying veggies grown halfway across the globe, you're reducing the environmental impact of your food since fewer resources are used to bring the food to you. 

Limit Landscaping Water Usage
Watch landscaping water usage all summer. If you garden, water your plants in the morning or the evening. This way, less water evaporates from the sun's heat and more water is absorbed into the soil. Integrate native plants into your gardens, as they are naturally adapted to your climate and can thrive without extra water. Set out a rain barrel to capture rain water, which you can reuse in the garden to keep plants hydrated and conserve resources. 

Rethink watering the lawn; rather than waste water to create a green lawn, try a low water grass alternative, like clover. No mow lawn alternatives save gasoline as well, for an even greener option for your groundcover. 

The more of these ideas you can implement, the more money you will save and the greater good you will do for the planet. What are your favorite ways to go green during summer? 

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