Home Tip Tuesday: Trendy Summer Entertaining Tips

Summer party tips: pick a theme, spread out and be a gracious host.

Trends in entertaining come and go. Incorporating some of the latest ideas you found on social media into your next summer party keeps things fresh for everyone, especially if your home is party central for the season. But not everyone has the staff of 12 and Martha Stewart-level crafting skills needed to execute some of those awesome ideas. We’ve discovered a cooler full of summer entertaining tips that anyone can pull off. No “fails” in sight!

Pick a Theme - Holiday parties have a built-in theme, such as Christmas or Halloween. But summer gatherings can suffer from a lack of cohesive ideas. Western barbecues and tropical luaus are common, but they’re not the only themes that fit the season. A “Lemonade Stand” theme might include nostalgic d├ęcor and games like hopscotch or Red Light, Green Light. Set up a table for making adult and kid-friendly versions of lemonade with natural flavor additions such as cubed watermelon, macerated berries or orange slices. Simple syrups infused with backyard herbs such as lavender, mint or rosemary are also delicious in lemonade.

Spread  Out - Just because you don’t have the biggest backyard on the block doesn’t mean you can’t invite the whole neighborhood. Make the best use of indoor and outdoor space by creating stations to keep guests moving. Accommodate more guests with these easy ideas:

  • Place a large metal container in a shady corner of the yard, and fill it with ice and drinks. Instead of everyone crowding around for space on your small deck, guests will naturally flow back and forth to the drink station
  • Use a standing umbrella and 2 or 3 comfortable chairs to create a temporary conversation area in a quiet area of the yard
  • Set up an appetizer table in the kitchen—that will help keep guests from hovering around the grill while the main-meal is being prepared
  • Want to throw some horse shoes or lawn darts, but the backyard’s too small? Set up games in the driveway and front yard instead
  • Open a side gate to direct traffic to and from front and back yards without going through the house

Spoil ‘Em Rotten - One trend that never goes out of style is being a gracious host. Summer nights can be chilly, but nothing says “sit down and stay longer” than something warm to snuggle up in. You get extra points for creativity by collecting blankets and wraps that fit the theme of your party. Adult party favors are another on-trend way to make guests feel welcome. A simple brown bag with a few homemade cookies in it is a treat everyone will love. Recipe cards featuring some of your favorite summer dishes are another thoughtful and low-cost idea. Wrap them in a ribbon for easy, but special, presentation.

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