Simple Ways to Keep Your Home’s Siding Looking Like New

All year long your home’s exterior is constantly exposed to the outdoor elements, acting as your first line of defense against rain, hail, snow, wind and sun.  That said it’s important to keep your siding well cared for if you want to maintain its appearance and extend its lifespan.

Keep your home’s siding in good condition with these simple maintenance tips.

Clean Your Siding

All types of siding- from wood, vinyl, metal, stucco, brick and fiber-cement—can benefit from a good cleaning to remove the dirt, cobwebs and mildew that accumulate throughout the year.  For most types of siding, a standard garden hose will do the trick. A power washer or special cleaning solvent may be necessary to resolve more stubborn areas.  A quick cleaning just a few times a year will remove any buildup that can lead to damage while keeping your home looking like new.  

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Identify Damaged Siding

As seasons change, take the time to inspect your home’s exterior for signs of damage. Obvious problems, such as cracking, chipping, warped boards or crumbling mortar joints should be repaired as soon as possible as even the smallest blemishes can lead to more extensive damage and expensive repairs down the road. Dry rot and termite damage are also serious issues that should be addressed as soon as they are detected.

Prevent unnecessary damage and preserve your siding by:
  • Surveying your home’s exterior on a routine basis to identify problem areas or signs of damage.
  • Preventing cracks, holes, melting and other damage to your home’s exterior by keeping grills and lawnmowers in safe distance from the home.
  • Inspecting your siding for signs of destruction following harsh weather conditions.
  • Repairing detected damage as soon as possible.
  • Washing your home’s siding at least once a year to remove dirt, grime and other debris.
  • Hiring a professional for assistance when necessary.

Bottom line: Spending a few hours caring for your siding from time to time will go a long way in maintaining your home’s appearance and increasing its value.  Some professionals even go as far to say that a home’s exterior can last for more than 50 years with the proper care!

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  1. Shawn, you mention tips to prevent unnecessary damage. Installation of the right engineered wood siding can be an aid in helping prevent damage, such as standing up to hail and freeze-thaw cycles, plus resisting fungal decay and termites. LP SmartSide products. Thank you, Patrick

    1. Thank you for your comment Patrick.
      You are correct ... the right siding can make a big difference. There have been so many advancements in siding products in recent years. Homeowners now have some great choices in siding options that offer both strength and durability, while still preserving appealing aesthetics. LP SmartSide offers a good selection of trim and siding products that homeowners should consider.

  2. siding maintenance is very important to make always new look same as hardiplank siding houston with proper care will lead to a newer look always as time passes by.


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