Home Tip Tuesday: Creating a Man Cave

Create a man cave to suit your needs and with your own personal style.
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The study, the den, the man cave. Every generation of men longs for a room in the house they consider a retreat from the world, a place to watch the game with friends, get a little work done or enjoy movies with the family. A man cave means different things to different men and like men, man caves come in all different shapes and sizes. But there are a few things every man cave can't be without. 

Furniture Must Have: Recliner
You may have the biggest, most comfortable couch in your man cave, but the king needs his own throne, one he doesn’t have to share. Nothing says “Dad’s chair” quite like a recliner. Recliners are perfect for watching TV, reading or sneaking in a nap. Recliners do take up more floor space than traditional chairs, so you may have to limit additional seating or other large accessories in order to fit one into your cave. If you enjoy eating in your favorite chair, be sure to choose an upholstery that’s easy to clean.

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That's Entertainment
Does your perfect retreat include screening the latest action movies or shooting a game of pool? Maybe both? Entertainment is an important element in creating a man cave. Include entertainment items that you are personally interested in—not just those which are trendy or seem “manly.” If jigsaw puzzles or electric trains are your thing, own it! Remember, a man cave is a place to feel comfortable and relaxed. You don’t have to impress anyone but yourself.

Open Bar
Whether it’s a fully stocked cocktail bar or a place to serve your homemade root beer, every man cave needs a bar to belly up to. A mini-bar on a rolling cart works well for small spaces, but a full wet bar complete with stools is ideal if the budget allows. And don’t forget the refrigerator. A mini-fridge is perfect for keeping sodas, beer and perishable snacks fresh. With a fully stocked fridge and bar, you can watch the entire game without ever leaving the comfort of your cave.

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Hubby’s Hobbies
Maybe your idea of the perfect man cave is a place to put together model airplanes or tie fishing flies. Don’t forget to include enough workspace and storage so you can spread out and enjoy your pastime without feeling crowded.

You've Got Style
What goes on the walls in a man cave? Anything you want! Sports memorabilia and movie posters are a popular choice, and good choices if they are meaningful to you. But don’t get stuck in man rut. Travel photos, fine art, your kids’ artwork, your old collection of matchbox cars or signed photos of the cast of your favorite television shows are great options too. Items that are meaningful to you will add more to the room than mass-marketed decorations.

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