Home Tip Tuesday: Tips on Creating a Meditation Room

A dedicated meditation room may help enhance your meditation practice.

Meditation is more than an excuse to have a few quiet minutes alone.  The practice has been shown to help improve both physical and mental health. To start, studies have found meditation to be effective in easing depression, reducing stress and increasing brain function. There really is no special equipment needed for meditation, it can be done anytime, anywhere. But having a dedicated meditation room may help enhance your meditation practice.

Turn on Your Radar
A meditation room should be quiet and private if possible, away from the noise of outdoor traffic and the traffic in your home. However, if the quietest spot in the house isn’t a place you enjoy hanging out, you may end up feeling more frazzled then refreshed after meditation time is over. Walk around your home, including the patio or deck and garden too, and find a spot that feels peaceful to you. Maybe it has a great view or the wall color is soothing.  Whatever it is that attracts you, trust your instinct and make that your special room.

Less Is More
How can you relax in a space with piles of things collecting dust and begging to be tidied up? You can't.  Empty out the intended meditation room as much as you can. A small table, a stool or pillow for sitting and a blanket or shawl in case you get chilly is really all that’s needed. If a candle or a special piece of statuary enhances your mediation experience, add it, but remember to keep it simple.

Go Au Naturelle
Bring a touch of nature into your space, such as a potted plant of vase of flowers. A table-top fountain will bring the soothing sound of water into your environment, and it's a great place to nestle a few stones or shells. A water fountain also provides white noise to help drown out environmental noises you can’t control. Keep suggestion number two in mind when selecting natural elements for your meditation room. You don’t want to clutter the space or fill it with things that need constant upkeep.

Light The Way
A room flooded with natural light would be ideal for a meditation space, but not everyone has a room with great natural lighting. And not everyone meditates only during the day. Enhance whatever light nature gives you with light, sheer window treatments that make the room feel cozy without blocking out the sun. Add track lighting that can be pointed toward the sides of the room instead of directly into your eyes or wall sconces that diffuse light horizontally around the room. If installing new light fixtures isn’t practical, replace the standard light switch with a dimmer so you can at least control the intensity of the light.

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