Home Tip Tuesday: 10 Tips for Holiday Entertaining

Follow our tips and enjoy making memories with the people you love.

Entertaining friends and family is part of what makes the holidays a special time. But it’s also what makes the holidays stressful. Follow our tips and enjoy making memories with the people you love without all the work and worry.

1.  To create a sentimental mood, add vintage ornaments, hand-strung popcorn garlands or paper-chains to your holiday decorations.

2.  Customize a wreath for the front door by adding small toys that once belonged to your children, copies of family photos or personalized ornaments.

3.  Test those lights before hanging them up. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out your lights don’t work after you’ve gone to the trouble of hanging them.

4.  Can’t find the right tablecloth for an odd-shaped table? Make a no-sew cover with fabric right off the bolt. Measure enough material to puddle on the floor on all sides and no one will notice the unsewn hems.

5.  Enjoy the charm of a fire in the fireplace without the added heat or worry of accidents by filling the hearth with tall battery operated candles.

6.  If holiday entertaining means having overnight guests, provide them with a packet that includes city maps, coupons to local businesses and a gift certificate for a museum or other event that would interest them. Not only is it a thoughtful gesture, it’s a nice way to get guests out of the house if you have holiday preparations to deal with.

7.  Decide on a color palette, and stick to it. Two or three colors are all you need to make your holiday d├ęcor look professional and polished.

8.  Make your table setting something extra special with a decorative napkin fold. Whether you prefer a detailed fan fold, or a single piece of ribbon tied in the center, that extra step will go a long way to make your guests feel welcome.

9.  Get the party going with appetizers. Plan on having about 10 pieces/bites per guest for every two hours of entertaining. Pre-cook hot appetizers and warm them in the oven just before serving. Start by serving cold nibbles or a cheese tray so you can have something to serve guests while the hot hors d’voeurs are warming.

10.  Providing a full bar is an unnecessary party expense. Plan for one or two signature drinks with alcohol, and one mocktail as well as soft drinks and water.

Remember, no guest wants to feel they are a burden. Let people lend a hand if they want to. Sometimes those quiet moments spent cleaning up are when the sweetest memories are made.

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