2018 Home Design Trends

Surrounding yourself with items you love is a timeless design choice

Regardless of what’s trendy, decorating in a way that makes your house feel like home is always a top priority. But if you’re ready for a change, this year’s home décor trends might help inspire some ideas for refreshing your space.

Let your Texture do the Talking
Not so long ago, accent walls were the way to grab attention in a room. Today, it’s texture that says “look at me.” And we’re not just talking about nubby pillows and woven throwrugs. Texture is showing up in all types of materials today. Wainscoting and other types of millwork, along with textured tiles and statement ceilings do more than create a focal point. Incorporating a variety of textural elements in a room elevates the design in general and makes a space look more finished. Think of texture as understated fashion accessories; they’re best when they add a hint of sparkle without taking over the entire outfit. Unlike the old accent wall that existed solely for the purpose of drawing attention, texture draws the eye around the entire room, inviting guests to enjoy the space as a whole.

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Lighten Up
In the 1990s, nothing said posh like dark kitchen cabinets and granite countertops. Today, those dark, heavy elements are more likely to say time for an update. Light—but not all white—kitchens are trending in 2018. Expect to see light hues of gray, blue, green and cream showing up in cabinetry with light or contrasting walls to help make the cabinets pop. Granite may always be the most popular counter material, but look for light colors that don’t add visual weight if you want to play up this trend.

Mix and Match
Forget about perfection, the Japanese tradition of Wabi-sabi, finding beauty in imperfection, is taking over design this year. A similar philosophy known as hygee, the Danish philosophy of homey comfort, is also currently on trend. Both philosophies emphasize the idea of stressing less and enjoying your home more. Capitalize on this design trend by mixing simple but beautiful handmade items into your décor. Ignore strict decorating rules and put more energy into personalizing your space. Surrounding yourself with items you love is a timeless design choice.

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Stylish Storage
Built-ins and stand-alone storage furniture are more than just places to put things, they are statement pieces for contemporary design.  High-end storage—or at least pieces that look high-end—go beyond housing kitchenware or media components.  Stylish storage is showing up in the office, bedroom and even bathroom. Swap out that unsightly file cabinet or old dresser full of bath towels for versatile pieces of furniture that add beauty to a room while helping you stay organized.

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