Exciting 2018 Bathroom Trends that Won't Break the Bank

Bathrooms may be the most underappreciated rooms in the home. They’re multifunctional spaces that do a lot more than provide a basic service. We relax in the bathroom, and it’s where we get ready for some of the most important events in our lives. Whether you’re considering a floor-to-ceiling makeover or you just want to freshen up the room a little, these 2018 bathroom trends will help you make the most of this hard-working space.

Less is More
When it comes to bathroom color schemes for 2008, monochrome paint palettes are on trend. A monochrome theme is easy to deal with, just pick your favorite color and use it in several shades. Light blue paint on the walls, white tiles with a medium blue accent and dark blue accessories describe one example of a monochrome palette. When going monochrome, choose all your shades from the same paint color strip for easy matching.  Textured tiles, nubby throw rugs, and other textured accessories that reinforce the monochrome scheme will add visual interest and that decorator touch.

More is More
More storage is in, and aren’t we glad? Gone are the days of minimalist bathrooms that barely provided enough storage for a washcloth and bar of soap. Forget those over-the-toilet racks or rows of open shelving—stylish storage is key. Built-ins are hot, but if a major project isn’t in your budget, consider installing a few upper cabinets or even a smartly re-done dresser if space allows. Making room for linens, toiletries, and even bathroom cleaning supplies is both practical and trendy.

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Mirror, Mirror
With little wall space in most bathrooms, the mirror is often the best opportunity for an artful statement. In 2018, look for over-sized, round and unusually shaped mirrors. Magnificent mirrors are important for several reasons. Not only can a non-traditional mirror add a touch of whimsy or elegance to the bathroom, but it can help balance out all the straight lines usually found there. A new mirror is also an inexpensive way to update a bathroom.

Let’s Get Technical
Technology has been making its way into the bathroom for the last several years. From automatic toilets to energy-saving technology to upgraded music and television systems, the washroom has definitely become more than a place to wash. This year’s addition to the technology trend gets a bit more personal with mood lighting and digital temperature settings for bath, sink, and shower that can be customized for each user.

If you are considering a major bathroom overhaul this year, consider keeping the bones of the room neutral and timeless. With a basic palette, you can add or remove a few accessories, and always be in style as trends change.

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