How to Make the Most of Your Small Outdoor Living Space

Your small space can still be stylish and inviting.

A small outdoor living space may limit your guest list, but it doesn’t have to limit your enjoyment. Make the most of your deck or patio this summer while making memories with friends and family.

Think Multi-Function
If your space is small, you can’t afford to take up valuable real estate with furniture that does only one thing. Transform a durable storage bench into seating by adding colorful cushions, or find a stylish outdoor table that includes a built-in container for keeping ice and cold drinks. If staying warm on chilly nights is a priority, a fire-pit table provides heat and a place to rest your wine glass. Outdoor storage cubes can hold not-so-pretty necessities like potting soil or charcoal briquettes and double as seating.

Pile on the Pizazz
Just because your outdoor space is petite doesn’t mean you should scrimp on style. Try anchoring the space with a bold-colored outdoor rug, or paint the deck with simple geometric shapes to mimic the look of a rug. Add pillows covered in weather-friendly fabrics for that decorator’s touch. Some curtains or a trellis filled with greenery creates a “wall” that adds a sense of dimension to the space while also creating privacy and camouflaging any undesirable views.

Light the Way
What’s the difference between “small” and “quaint?” If you’ve ever eaten dinner on the tiny patio of a charming bistro, you know the answer is lighting. Adorn your outdoor space with a few strings of solar twinkle lights to make it the most desirable getaway spot in town. Strategically placed decorative lighting in the landscape gives the illusion that your yard is bigger than it really is. Place up-lights in trees and lanterns in the farthest corners of the yard to create more interest.

Go Vertical
Shelving provides much-needed storage and organization indoors as well as out. If you can’t spread out, go up! Attach a shelf to the outside of the house, pull up a few stools and you’ve got an easy outdoor eating space that barely takes up any space. Stack shelves on cinder blocks to create a vertical garden or for extra outdoor storage.

Via Blesser House

Go Green
Laying a carpet of faux grass over a small deck or patio actually makes the space look bigger. It’s also the perfect solution if your outdoor floor isn’t in the best shape. This is an especially good idea for renters who may not want to invest time or money into repairs or if you need a quick fix. Make sure any loose bricks or boards are secured before laying the imitation lawn, you don’t want to hide hazards that could cause someone to trip.

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