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Tips on Planning a Backyard Deck

A backyard deck is more than just a place to park the grill for the summer. When done right a deck is an extension of your home, adding space, beauty, enjoyment and value to your property. But building a deck that meets your needs for the long term takes more than a quick sketch and a trip to the lumber store. In fact, planning your deck may take almost as long as building it.

Maintenance-Free Living at Maples at the Sonatas Allows More Time for Local Woodstock Attractions

Home buyers looking for a handful of activities to choose from every week needn’t look any further than Maples at the Sonatas. Residents are easily wowed by not only the striking craftsmanship and immaculate design of their maintenance-free home, but also by the charming Victorian town of Woodstock, Illinois. Famous for being the backdrop in the classic movie Groundhog Day, citizens of Woodstock never have a hard time getting involved with their community thanks to the town’s many spectacular activities and events.

How to Conserve Energy in the Summer

No air conditioner? No problem, really. Even when summer throws you a heat wave, you can keep your home cool and keep utility bills low. Get started saving energy and beating summer heat with these tips.

Guide to Watering Your Lawn, Shrubs and Trees

Everyone wants a lush, green lawn, healthy shrubs and thriving trees -- and irrigating them properly is key. But how do you know when, where and how much to water? After all, you don't want to over-irrigate your yard, as this can lead to root rot, foliage damage and even plant death.

Building The Home You Want, Where You Want with KLM Builders

Whether you are ready to build your new home on your own home site or you’re searching for the perfect property to start your foundation, KLM Builders can help. With KLM’s well-equipped and experienced team working to fulfill its customers’ goals, building a dream home on your own land is stress-free and enjoyable. 

“We believe a home should be as distinct as the individual buying it, with the design and location a reflection of the buyer’s personal tastes. That’s why we go out of our way to help customers achieve a home that is designed around their needs, property and lifestyle,” said Kim Meier, President of KLM.

Popular Design Trends for Updating Your Kitchen

Kitchen renovations can offer an excellent return on your investment—actually more than any other room in the house, which is largely due to the high volume of use it receives.
Styles in kitchen design change from year to year. That’s why it is important to understand these ever-evolving trends and select the ones that will stand the test of time for many years.

Greensboro’s Villas at Sedgefield Offers Maintenance-Free Living

Homebuyers interested in getting active within their community needn’t look any further than Villas at Sedgefield, located in Greensboro, North Carolina. At Sedgefield, residents enjoy all the perks – a luxurious, maintenance-free home, an inclusive clubhouse community and a bustling town that is never-ending in programs and activities great for making friends and memories. Check out Villas at Sedgefield, the perfect community for continuing life’s next chapter.

Villas at Ashland Farm Offers a Maintenance-Free Lifestyle in a Countryside Setting

Welcome to Villas at Ashland Farm, where residents have the best of both worlds – they can enjoy the serene setting of the Midwest’s quiet countryside while still enjoying the luxurious, modern amenities and maintenance-free living of their new ranch home. The Villas at Ashland Farm is perfect for those interested in a quieter lifestyle without losing their everyday contemporary perks. 

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer is the time we most enjoy our lawns and it's also the time of year when lawns require the most care. With increased heat and light lawn grows more quickly, but long summer days also seem to awaken fleas, ants and other unwanted visitors. Keeping your lawn lush, green and pest-free during the summer months depends on four essential tasks: watering, mowing, fertilizing and pest control.

Tree Care Through the Seasons

"He who plants a tree plants a hope," says poet Lucy Larcom and no quote about trees could be truer. To plant a tree is to believe in the future and to plant a tree well is to increase your enjoyment of the tree while decreasing the work of maintaining it. In an interview for Mother Earth News, Ohio State University researcher and entomologist Dan Herms suggests that when a tree is planted in a site that provides the right light, soil pH and space, fewer fertilizers, pesticides and less pruning and watering and less general tree care is needed.

Come Home To Maintenance-Free Living at the Cottages at Feathers Chapel Near Bristol Tennessee

Time to experience the comfort and ease of a maintenance-free lifestyle by owning a luxury ranch villa or single-family home at the Cottages at Feathers Chapel. Located in the charming and scenic city of Blountville, Tennessee, this carefree, residential community is the perfect place for on-the-go career professionals to unwind and active adults who are anxiously turning the page on a new chapter in their lives.

Maintenance-Free Living at Sea Pines Makes More Time for Sun and Fun

Imagine living in a beautiful ranch villa minutes from the beach and waking up every morning to the serene setting with sun-kissed views and the smell of saltwater in the air. Sea Pines at Bon Secour’s Ranch Villas can make this dream a reality thanks to their prime location in Foley, Alabama, just five miles from the beautiful coast of Gulf Shores. When buyers choose Sea Pines at Bon Secour, they are not only choosing an exciting town with scenic views and fantastic shopping locations, but also maintenance-free living and an inclusive clubhouse community that is sure to cater to their every need.