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Five Garden Tips to Help Pollinators

As long as humans need food, we will need pollinating insects. In the U.S., honeybees are especially crucial to the food supply, but the number of native bees and other pollinators has been declining for several years. While there are many reasons for the decline, one thing we can all do is help make life a little easier for the insects that do so much for us.

Boys Bedroom Decor Ideas | Interior Design 2018

Looking for ways to decorate your son's bedroom?  We've got you covered - from sports designs to superheroes and everything in between!  We've created a video with 9 fun bedroom designs for boys to inspire you to create your own.  Enjoy!

Fabulous Front Doors

The front door to your home is a very important design feature.  It adds to the beauty and curb appeal of your home.  You can make a statement by going bold, unique or charming with your front door design choice. We've found some beautiful door designs for you to enjoy.  Which is your favorite?

Foodie Friday! Veggie Burger Recipes

Summer is synonymous with grilling lots of meats!  However, meat just won't cut it if you you are having a vegetarian guest over for dinner.  Or you may be considering adding some meatless meals to your menu.  Either way we've found some great veggie burger recipes for you to try out.  Healthy and delicious.  Enjoy!

5 FAVS - Room Design Favorites from 1st Half 2018 Home Tours

We've been busy touring a lot of beautiful homes so far this year. We created this video compilation of our 5 favorite room designs from the first half of 2018. Be sure to notice all the lovely finishes and details!  Enjoy!

Kitchen Lighting - 4 Types of Lighting Every Kitchen Could Use

There are 4 types of lighting every kitchen should have: mood lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting.  See the video below for details.

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Lovely Lake House Designs

Summertime on the lake sounds like the perfect combination doesn't it?  So much to do: boating, tubing, kayaking, swimming or just relaxing with a water view.  We've found some beautiful lake homes for you to enjoy.  How would you spend time at a lake house?

5 FAVS - Master Suite Design Favorites from 1st Half 2018 Home Tours

Master suites are your private retreat away from the world!  We created a video compilation of our 5 favorites from our home tours from the 1st half of this year.  These suites are spacious and comfortable with beautiful details and finishes. Enjoy!

Foodie Friday: Grilled Vegetables

We love grilling season!  In addition to all the delicious meats, it's fun to grill some fresh summer veggies too.  We've found some awesome recipes for your dose of healthy veggies.  Which is your favorite?

5 FAVS - Kitchen Design Favorites from 1st Half 2018 Home Tours

We have had the pleasure of touring many beautiful homes so far this year. The kitchen designs have been amazing.  Here's a collection of our 5 favorite kitchens from the first half of 2018.  Enjoy the video below!

Things to Consider Before Putting in a Pool

The heat of the summer causes many people to dream of putting in a pool.  Here are some important things to consider before making that commitment.

Do you want your backyard to be the one where all the neighborhood kids play, or are you looking for a therapy pool where you and your spouse can do water aerobics together? To avoid costly mistakes, make sure you’re clear on how the pool will be used before you start making plans. No need to pay for a large lap pool if all you really want is a refreshing dip now and then.

Garden Art Designs

Your garden is an extension of your home.  You've choosen the plants and design so now it's time to accessorize!  Garden art is a great way to add something special to your landscape design.  Interesting pieces bring sparkle, whimsy and more personality to your yard.  Art can be store bought or created by you.  The possibilities are endless!  We've found some great art to inspire you!

Open House Tour Vlog 62 - KLM Custom Ranch Tour with Homeowners

Today we are touring a custom ranch home built by KLM Builders.  This home was designed with many features for "aging in place".  The homeowners and KLM walk us through this beautiful home and talk about the process and the features.  Enjoy the tour below!

Foodie Friday - Summer Shrimp Recipes

Cooking should be fresh and light during the summer months.  Sometimes you want something different than burgers and dogs.  Seafood anyone?  We've found some refreshing shrimp recipes to try out this summer.  Let us know what you think!  Enjoy!

How to Make the Most of Your Small Outdoor Living Space

A small outdoor living space may limit your guest list, but it doesn’t have to limit your enjoyment. Make the most of your deck or patio this summer while making memories with friends and family.

Think Multi-Function
If your space is small, you can’t afford to take up valuable real estate with furniture that does only one thing. Transform a durable storage bench into seating by adding colorful cushions, or find a stylish outdoor table that includes a built-in container for keeping ice and cold drinks. If staying warm on chilly nights is a priority, a fire-pit table provides heat and a place to rest your wine glass. Outdoor storage cubes can hold not-so-pretty necessities like potting soil or charcoal briquettes and double as seating.

Cottage Garden Designs

Last week we featured Formal Gardens and this week we are showcasing a much less structured design option - Cottage Gardens.  These informal gardens offer much more freedom in their relaxed design. They are just as beautiful as formal gardens but a bit more natural, casual and charming. Take a look at our finds and let us know which you prefer!

Foodie Friday! Grilling Marinades

It's that time of year to get your grilling on!  Yum!  A great way to add variety to your grilled meats is by using marinades.  Whether you are in the mood for chicken, pork or steak we have you covered.  We have found some flavorful marinades to add to your grilling rotation.  Enjoy!

Tips on Summertime Green Living

Summer is a season of high energy and high energy usage. Efforts to keep cool, maintain the landscape and swimming pool and enjoy all the season has to offer can result in high utility bills and other extra costs, including costs to the environment. Being green this summer doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fun or comfort. 

Formal Garden Designs

What elements are found in formal garden designs?  Formal gardens have a clear and defined structure.  They tend to be symmetrical and are designed in geometric shapes like squares, triangles and straight lines.  The plants used are usually more leafy greens than flowers - boxwoods are used frequently.  Lastly, formal gardens tend to have a focal point like a fountain or birdbath.  We've found some lovely gardens for you to enjoy!