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Helpful Lawn Care Tips for Fall

Control Fallen Leaves – remove leaves and debris to help your lawn to get the air and sunlight it needs to remain healthyKeep your lawn cut to about 2 ½” to 3” in height during the fall months to allow enough grass surface area for sunlight and moisture during this last stage before winter. For your last cut of the season, cut your lawn short to about 1 ½” in height to help reduce mold growthDe-thatching Grass – using a garden or thatching rake, rake up dead grass and roots that tend to build up over summer. Doing this gives your lawn the air it needs to thriveAerate your lawn – aeration punches holes into your lawn that will allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the thatch and reach the rootsFall is also the perfect time to over-seed bare patches or thinning areas of your lawn. Remember a thicker lawn now is less room for weed growth in the Spring. For those newly seeded areas plan on watering lightly twice a day to keep the top ¼” of the soil moist. Your grass will start growi…

Custom Home Automation Systems Offer High Quality, Turn-key Experience

Create a smart home that provides security, convenience and energy conservation. From home theaters and lighting control to temperature controlled rooms and security systems, Cinemation Inc. has raised the bar on customized whole home automation. 
Cinemation creates in-home networks that combine all your home's electronics into one simple easy-to-use platform. All your  entertainment is packaged into one complete system allowing easy access to your music and movies throughout the home. But this central hub not only controls your audio/visual components, it can manage the lighting, drapes, security, irrigation and even temperature from room to room.
These two videos offer you a glimpse of a custom home automation system by Cinemation Inc.

Will Home Automation Really Be more Affordable for the Masses?

Based on several intelligent and easy to use products coming soon, home automation really may be more affordable and ready for the masses.

Click the link below for an interesting article by technology writer Mike Elgan on that very topic:
Home Tech: There's an Easier, Affordable Future for Home Automation

Buyers Can Save Up to $100,000 on Luxury Townhomes at Deerbrook Place

Deerbrook Place is a luxurious town home community with distinctive style, and now buyers have a chance to take advantage of huge savings on the 4 remaining townhomes. With flexible floor plans and attention to detail, Deerbrook Place offers homeowners an affordable and quaint community in the western suburbs of Chicago.
Developed and built by the Keim Family, this luxury townhome community located in Aurora Illinois offers traditional two story plans, two story plans with first floor master suites, and ranch plans. The plans range from 1695 to 2337 square feet. You may customize your town home by selecting from our many

KLM Builders Celebrates 25 Years of Remodeling and Custom Home Excellence

KLM Builders, Inc. has earned a matchless reputation for remodeling and building custom and semi-custom homes that meet and exceed the high standards of it's clients. Founded by Kim Meier in 1987, the entire KLM team works together to inspire homeowners in Northern Illinois, turning their dream homes into reality.  
“Whether building a brand new home or remodeling an existing home, we have the same commitment to excellence that we had when KLM Builders took its first breath 25 years ago,” said Kim Meier, President of KLM Builders.
As a full-service builder, KLM understands that buyers have different tastes and needs, so they offer a wide selection of single-family home designs to present homeowners with better choices to match their lifestyles.  With over 45 unique customizable ranch and two-story floor plans ranging in size from a modest 1,500 square feet to a more spacious 5,000 square feet, KLM offers something for every type of buyer.

Simple Ways to Keep Your Home’s Siding Looking Like New

All year long your home’s exterior is constantly exposed to the outdoor elements, acting as your first line of defense against rain, hail, snow, wind and sun.  That said it’s important to keep your siding well cared for if you want to maintain its appearance and extend its lifespan.
Keep your home’s siding in good condition with these simple maintenance tips.
Clean Your Siding
All types of siding- from wood, vinyl, metal, stucco, brick and fiber-cement—can benefit from a good cleaning to remove the dirt, cobwebs and mildew that accumulate throughout the year.  For most types of siding, a standard garden hose will do the trick. A power washer or special cleaning solvent may be necessary to resolve more stubborn areas.  A quick cleaning just a few times a year will remove any buildup that can lead to damage while keeping your home looking like new.

From Clutter To Clarity: How To Organize Your Garage Space

Has your garage become the family dump for everything from old bicycles and tools to suitcases and toys? It’s not uncommon due to a garage’s large size to become the resting place for many items that no longer fit in your bedroom closet or that you aren’t ready to part ways with.
The good news is that you do have a place for all of your belongings. It’s just a matter of making the best use of your garage space so that your things are more visible, reachable and usable.Here are a few tips for turning your garage into a functional, orderly space.
Out with the old One of the best ways to clean up a cluttered garage is by getting rid of the things you never use.  Hold a garage sale and even earn a little extra cash while making room in your garage. For other items that simply need to go, donate them to a charitable organization or put them out for pick up with the trash or recycling. You’ll enjoy your garage’s new, clutter-free space and probably even use what’s left of your things more re…

Installing a Bead Board Ceiling

Bead board ceilings offer a classic look, and installing one is easier than one might think.
Step 1: Remove Existing Ceiling, leaving the insulation and studs as well as any other framing. Take length measurements of the ceiling area.  Step 2: Measure and Prepare Materials When measuring the ceiling make sure to leave a ¼” space on either end to allow for expansion. Mark the length on your boards with a pencil and cut the boards to size with a table saw. You can select to purchase pre-primed boards if you plan on painting your new ceiling. If you are planning on a stained wood ceiling, then condition and stain your boards before installing.

Improve the Look of Your Ceiling with Tin Style Ceiling Tiles

Consider using a thermal plastic ceiling panel tile; they have all the same beauty of stamped tin tiles, but without the negative aspects. They don’t rust or dent, are easy to cut to size with a pair of scissors and they don’t have the sharp edges that normal tin tiles do.
Step 1: Prime and then dust your ceiling to help make applying the tiles easier.
Step 2: Layout a grid with chalk lines as your guide – when taking your room measurements keep in mind that the first and last rows will be less than the width of a full tile, and for a symmetrical look those rows should be the same size in width.

How to Install a Brick Veneer Wall inside Your Home

Adding some POP to a wall inside your home with real brick veneers is a great Do-it-yourself project:
1.    Select your brick color & style to fit the room’s decor – brick veneers are thinner and lighter than full bricks and therefore do not require a load bearing wall.
2.     Install the ledger – a ledger is a piece of wood screwed onto the base of the wall on which to build your brick pattern. Floors are not always level so be sure to level your ledger before screwing it to the wall.