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Water Conservation: Save Water, Save Money

Conserving water is easier than you might think. Take a look at these quick tips for saving water in your daily routine. For the indoors: nearly 60% of all household water use happens in the bathroom ·Install an aerator to your faucets Aerators mix air into the water stream, providing just as much pressure while using a lot less water. ·Install a low-flow shower head Installing a low-flow shower head can save you up to 20,000 gallons per year and cut up to 10% on the cost of heating your water.

KLM Builders Celebrates 25 Years of Remodeling and Custom Home Excellence

KLM Builders, Inc. has earned a matchless reputation for remodeling and building custom and semi-custom homes that meet and exceed the high standards of it clients. Founded by Kim Meier in 1987, the entire KLM team works together to inspire homeowners in Northern Illinois, turning their dream homes into reality.  
“Whether building a brand new home or remodeling an existing home, we have the same commitment to excellence that we had when KLM Builders took its first breath 25 years ago,” said Kim Meier, President of KLM Builders.
As a full-service builder, KLM understands that buyers have different tastes and needs, so they offer a wide selection of single-family home designs to present homeowners with better choices to match their lifestyles.  With over 45 unique customizable ranch and two-story floor plans ranging in size from a modest 1,500 square feet to a more spacious 5,000 square feet, KLM offers something for every type of buyer.

3 Inspiring Reasons to Consider Adding a Sunroom

A well-designed sunroom can add character and brighten any home.Also calleda four-season room, three-season room or a solarium, this flexible living space is a great way to bring the outdoors inside without the interference of weather or insects.
Maybe you have a sunroom, but it needs a little work before it can function as an inviting gathering spot for the entire family. Or, perhaps you are considering enclosing your deck to create an enjoyable year-round escape. There are many benefits to adding a sunroom to your home, three of which we’ve listed below.

How to Select the Perfect Fence for Your Property

Homeowners choose to install fencing for a variety of reasons.  For some, you envision a safe haven for your children to play outdoors. For others, you want to safeguard your swimming pool or prevent trespassers from entering your property.
Before making an investment in a fence, it is important to consider all of your available options. What are your goals for installing a fence? What type of fence should you install? These tips can help.

What are you trying to accomplish?
Before you make a decision on fencing material, first determine your motive for installing a fence in the first place.
Security. A tall, secure fence can act as a deterrent to intruders trying to access your property.
Privacy. If you live in a very dense neighborhood or near a busy street, then you may be interested in privacy fencing.  Blocking your home from adjacent neighbors and traffic will allow relaxation in your outdoor space and can even reduce noise.

Small Kitchen Design Tips

Have a small kitchen? Don’t sweat it - there are plenty of design ideas to maximize square footage for small kitchens. Here are some helpful tips. Maximize Function - Small kitchens can lack the space to accommodate typical daily tasks like homework, mail storage and laundry.  Make the main focus meal prep, by making sure you have the appliances in the areas you need it. Save space with scaled-down or innovative appliances, including refrigerator and freezer drawers and pint-sized microwaves and single sinks. If workspace is at a premium, consider a counter-topped cart that can be rolled into a closet when not in use.
Realize the Focal Point – The key item that the room works around. For living rooms, it could be a fireplace, but for small kitchens, it's typically the entire space. So look at your kitchen as one solid unit. Use either a neutral tone or one continuous color throughout the space to keep the eye moving and for the kitchen to feel like one complete unit. One easy soluti…

Summer Energy Saving Tips that Can Save Your Wallet Too

Did you know that the air conditioner is the biggest user of electricity during hot summer months? Being cool is costly, and for many homes, it accounts for more than half of the summer utility bill.
The good news is that you can beat the summer heat without emptying your wallet.  The following tips can keep you feeling cool and calm about the heat and your energy bills this summer.
Automate your thermostat An easy way to control costs is to set your thermostat and leave it there.  Consider a programmable thermostat that automatically adjusts your home’s temperature to your schedule, so you’re comfortable when at home and save energy while you’re at work or away for long periods of time. 

Is the Housing Market Starting to Make a Comeback?

Could your home be a better investment than you think? Many investment firms, hedge funds and real estate investors think so, and have been gobbling up real estate lately!

“Last week, Gray said Blackstone now owns 2,000 single-family homes. At $300 million, that might be small compared to Blackstone's overall real estate portfolio of about $50 billion. But it's one of the biggest piles of homes ever intentionally put together (banks and Fannie and Freddie are sitting on many more foreclosed homes, but that's a different story) by an institutional investor, and it's likely not the largest portfolio out there these days.” as published in FORTUNE Read FORTUNE article here.

Continued Improvement in Home Pricing? “Home prices in the second quarter rose from the year-ago period for the first time since 2007, according to a closely watched index, the latest indication the housing market is starting to recover.” – as published in WSJRead Wall Street Journal article here.