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Home Tour Vlog 22 ~ Great Curb Appeal in Naperville

Home Tour Vlog 22 showcases this charming home by David Weekley Homes.  It is located in Naperville, Illinois and features 3,608 square feet of living space, an open floor plan, stunning wood floors, gourmet kitchen with island, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms and a 2 car garage.  Enjoy the video tour below!

Home Tip Tuesday: Top Flowers for Fall Color in the Garden

Trees and shrubs ablaze with autumn color are a striking site, but they're only part of what makes the fall landscape beautiful. During each season, layering plants of various heights and sizes is one of the tricks that can bump a pretty enough yard into a pretty spectacular one. When there are plants at different heights, there's always something beautiful for the eye to land on. If you've already planted your trees and shrubs for fall color then include some perennials and annuals that hit their peak of color slightly before or after taller plants to assure your landscape is rich with autumn hues all season long.

Outdoor Fireplace Inspiration

Outdoor fireplaces are a beautiful focal point for your outdoor living area.  The make a bit more of a statement than fire pits.  If you have the space and the money, they are great features to incorporate into your backyard design.  We've found some lovely outdoor fireplaces to inspire you!  Enjoy!

Foodie Friday: How to Make a Delicious Key Lime Parfait

Chef Todd From Boulder Ridge Country Club demonstrates how to make the cool and refreshing dessert, Key Lime Parfait.

Designer's Corner: The White Room

White rooms are sometimes the perfect addition to a home - they can be such calming, simple spaces. The key when going monochromatic is to really mix an assortment of textures to make the space feel layered and not boring. Here are some great examples of white rooms done right.

Two New Homes Equals Two Tours - Home Tour Vlog 21

We've got two home tours for you today!  First we will be taking you through the Hooper Plan.  It features 3,618 square feet of living space with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms and a 2 car garage.  The second home is the Hyde Plan.  It features 3,998 square feet of living space with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms and a 2 car garage.  
They are both beauties!  Enjoy the video tour below:

Home Tip Tuesday: Top Trees for Fall Color

You know it's autumn when the flames of hot summer temperatures transform into flames of hot color in the landscape. Golds, reds, russets and oranges-nothing says fall like fiery foliage. The top trees for fall color don't limit their dazzle to one season. The best options provide interest in the yard all four seasons, with a little extra pizazz for autumn. In addition to year-long beauty, it's important to remember that some of nature's most beautiful fall color comes from trees that aren't well suited for the residential landscape. Sugar maples and Quaking aspen both have aggressive roots that don't play nice with pavement or underground pipes. If in doubt, consult with a knowledgeable garden expert in your area.

Fire-Pit Design Ideas

Soon enough the warm summer nights will give way to cool and crisp autumn evenings.  A great way to extend the use of your outdoor living space is to incorporate a fire-pit.  Not only do they keep you warm, but they add a nice ambiance and focal point to your backyard.  We've found some great fire-pit designs to inspire you.  Enjoy!

Foodie Friday: Zucchini Recipes

Are you in search of some new zucchini recipes for your bumper crop?  Zucchini is a versatile vegetable and is delicious on it's own, as a replacement to pasta and even in sweet breads!  We've found some great zucchini recipes for you to try.  Enjoy!

Designer's Corner: Ro Sham Beaux

Let me introduce you to a really amazing lighting (and other home decor items) company - Ro Sham Beaux. They have a beautiful line of beaded light fixtures. Here are some great examples of them used in homes.

Home Tip Tuesday: Home Siding Options

There are many options for home siding. The right choice of material may depend on your home's style, your budget, and your personal preference. Learn the pros and cons of working with common home siding materials. 

Siding Material Options:

Fiber Cement Panels
A more modern choice, fiber cement panels work well for contemporary homes. If you have an older style of home, this siding option may not be the best choice. The panels come in large rectangles, generally 4 feet by 8 feet. Thin lines appear at the intersection of these panels. 

Inviting Porches

Won't you join me on the porch for some lemonade?  Come and sit a spell!  There's something so inviting, charming and nostalgic about porches.  They are the perfect places to spend warm afternoons daydreaming or chatting with neighbors.  Evenings on the porch are just as enjoyable watching the fireflies put on a show.  Check out these lovely porches:

The Perfect Little Houses - Home Tour Vlog 20

Heritage Harbor is a waterfront resort community located 90 minutes from Chicago in the quaint town of Ottawa.  This community features elegant homes, walk-able neighborhoods, a world-class marina, dining, activities adventure and amenities. 

Enjoy the video below!

Foodie Friday: How to Make Delicious Salt Roasted Beets

Chef Todd from Boulder Ridge Country Club demonstrates how to make a salt roasted beet salad.  Looks delicious!

Designer's Corner: Bamboo Window Shades

Bamboo window shades are a great way to incorporate natural elements into your home. These look great whether on their own or layered with drapery panels over them. The best part is these are an item you can find for a great price at home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowes and they even have customization options. Here are some great examples of how these can be used to up the aesthetics of your homes windows.

Home Tip Tuesday: Driveway Material Options

When it comes to your driveway, you have several choices of material. Learn the pros and cons of common driveway materials to select the right option for your home. 
If your region experiences seasonal temperature changes, asphalt is a good choice. The material is flexible and durable enough to cope with extreme cold and heat. Since asphalt is dark, it naturally retains heat. It can thus help to melt snow in the winter. Asphalt can last for up to 20 years when it is well cared for, and can usually be patched fairly inexpensively if any cracks develop. 

Great Gazebos

A gazebo is simply a small building in a garden or park that is open on all sides for a lovely view.  They are typically used for relaxation or entertainment.  They are such quaint and beautiful structures.  We've found some wonderful gazebo designs for you to enjoy.

VLog #19 ~ New Construction Home in Highland Park, IL

Welcome to the Billingsgate by David Weekley Homes!  This beautiful home is located in Highland Park, Illinois and boasts 2833 square feet of living space.  It features 4 bedrooms, 4 full baths, 1 half baths, a gourmet kitchen, mudroom and a 2 car garage Enjoy the video home tour below:

Click here for more details on this home.

Foodie Friday: Sangrias

Summer is the perfect time for sangrias!  Generally speaking, a sangria is an adult beverage made with wine, fruit and soda water.  Sometimes recipes call for rum and/or brandy too.  So be careful because this pretty drink is more dangerous than it looks!  We've found some delicious recipes for you to try.  Enjoy!

Designer's Corner: Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. has been a great source for beautiful paper goods for a few years now. They have a pretty signature floral pattern and lots of other miscellaneous beautiful designs. Yesterday, they released their new fabric line which is just as gorgeous as their paper goods! That fabrics range in use/purpose from clothing and quilts to home decor items. Here are some of the beautiful patterns released yesterday.

Outdated Kitchen Gets a Modern Makeover by KLM Builders

KLM Buillders designs and remodels this outdated kitchen into a sleek contemporary kitchen.  The new modern design includes Silestone counters, porcelain tile floors,  high-gloss acrylic cabinets and a metal and glass backsplash.  Watch the transformation in the video below:

Home Tip Tuesday: Top 4 Tips for Cleaning Windows

Window washing isn't brain surgery, simply spray liberally with cleaner and wipe with paper towels. Done! Oh, except for the spots and streaks. That's okay, when you get the feeling back in your hand just go ahead and wipe it all down a second time, and put some elbow grease into it! No, it's not brain surgery, but with all that scrubbing, cleaning the windows is also not a chore anyone looks forward to doing. There are better-and easier-methods for getting windows sparkling clean the first time around.

Charming Conservatories

A conservatory is simply a room with a glass roof and walls that is attached to a house at one side.  It is generally used as a greenhouse or a sun parlor/sun room.  There is something inviting and enchanting about these spaces.  We've found some beautiful conservatories for you to enjoy: